Server Security

Sandy Moniz Business Strategist / Imagineer Server Security

Do you have a server where all of your employees including Admin. Assistants, sales staff and outside resources have access all of your data.  This is a recipe for disaster. Today’s technology has hackers attempting to get into your data however a bigger threat is from inside your organization.  Allowing … Continue reading

What is an Imagineer?

Sandy Moniz Business Strategist / Imagineer - What is an Imagineer?

An Imagineer is a person who implements creative ideas into practical form.  The word Imagineer comes about from the combination of two words: imagination and engineering.   An Imagineer is a person who is skilled in devising and implementing a new or highly imaginative concept or technology. Most people think of … Continue reading

Blue Laguna, Interview with Rich German

Rich German, Author of Blue Laguna

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, photographer and author Rich German is about to launch his new book “Blue Laguna,” Rich was gracious enough to share his life and insights as to how the book was born. Ten years ago, a hurricane demolished Rich’s home in Florida.  With only two duffel bags Rich moved … Continue reading